The Daily Habit: Weird News

 11:59 pm

I Delivered My Own Baby Then Picked Up My Other Son From School- HARRODSBURGH, KENTUCKY – Everday in America there are a vast number of biological miracles that go unreported.  There’s no real explanation why these things occur, or why they don’t make the mid-morning water cooler discussions at work, but they can and do happen.  Like a few weeks ago when a guy accidentally swallowed an entire jumbo party obucket of fiery hot Kenfunky Fried Chicken wings, cardboard and all, then he ran off to the emergency room to have his stomach pumped but puked it all up before they could ram the probe down his throat.  Or how about that New Hampshire who tried to jump his bike over 10 garbage cans but he fell short and jammed his nuts all the way up into his stomach, only he was wearing a lacrosse player’s cup and the kids ended up back in the bag without so much as a stomach ache?  Well, that’s nothing.  This old broad gave birth to one son in the laundry room, then she went and picked up the other son at school.

A Kentucky woman who had no idea she wwas pregnant delivered her newborn son on the floor of her laundry room, by herself, cut the umbilical cord, then . Kelly Bottom told The Advocate-Messenger that she got in the truck and picked up her other son from school.  To make matters even more unbelievable, she went over to her mother’s house to show off her new pride and joy, before she went to the hospital.  Other than a yeast infection and some stitches to patch things up, the mother and baby were doing fine.  (


~ by the115 on 03/09/2010.

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