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Hello, 911? It’s Me Again – AVON PARK, FLORIDA –  It’s that time of the year again folks.  The end of a long winter is drawing near and some of the goofier people out there are showing the signs of what Ted Kaczynski might call “cabin fever.”   Yep, damn near all of the folks in the United States have been cooped up in their homes and going crazy since right Thanksgiving, that is if they haven’t been booted from their humble abodes during the collapse of the so-called “American” financial dream.  You have some folks who sit around building match stick houses for weeks at a time, then they totally lose their minds and burn them in a back yard fire.  There are others who take a different approach and head down to the local dojo to take jeet june do classes, then they compltely snap on their kid’s homeroom teacher during a conference about anger managemetnt at Parent’s Night.  Well, this little creep isn’t much different, only he pranked his local emergency hotline 2oo times, then he got busted for talking sexy to the operator.

 A  bored Florida man called 911 more than 200 times in a recent 3-day spank sesion, only he though it was calling a local sex phone hotline.  County sheriff’s deputies said the lad only spoke only to female dispatchers, and once he got them on the line whispered sexually explicit remarks  and breated heavy.  He told dispatchers he did not need emergency assistance for an accident but that he could use a hand for a  happy ending.    The perv allegedly  made 151 calls on Feb. 13 between 2 a.m. and 10:52 a.m., then he folowed up with nearly a hundred more over the next few days, until the cops came over and kicked in his door.  He’s been charged with fraud and perversion with a communication device which can get him 15 months in a federal minimum securtiy prison, and 2 years of supervised phsychotherapy for perverts  with a sex phone fetish.


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