The Daily Habit: Weird News

 In this photo taken Monday Feb. 22, 2010, Samantha Lynn Frazier, 35, of Florida, 11:59 pm

Love Handles Save my Life – ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY – Have you ever heard about those gentile ladies and gentlemen who through prayer and divine intervention end up avoiding a split-second misfortune?  Or, if you’re not the holy rolling type, do you know any lucky sonsabitches who lucked out for once in their miserable lifes and missed certain death or disfigurement?  Like that weird guy upstairs who got overdosed on roofies and fell 7 floors from the fire escape and landed safely on an awning, instead of splattering all over the concrete.  Or what about that psycho mafia hit man from your anger management class who had a guy shoot him point blank while on a collection visit, but the brass knuckles in his Cerucci suit deflected 3 bullets and instead of dying got a small fine and probration for racketeering.  Not too impressed? What about this gangster boo who used love handles to save her life?

A Florida woman said her love handles saved her life when she was shot 4 times outside of an Atlantic City strip club and she didn’t even flinch.   Apparently all was good in the hood until she heard several loud snaps and saw people running  like mad out of Big Herm’s Place early this morning.   Once the commotion died down she felt a sudden apain in her side and saw blood dripping on the ground.   Witnesses at the scene say two men were shooting at each other inside of the club when some of the bullets ricocheted off the ground and struck the women in her side. (

During an interview outside of the emergency, the woman proudly told reporters, ‘I could have been killed by some  fool who started a gun fight up in  Herm’s over some goddamn shrimp.”  After giving a few shout-outs to her girls she added, “My love handles saved my life and I didn’t even have to shoot back.   And to think I wanted to get on Jenny Craig and lose weight.  Now want to be as big as hell, if it’s going to stop a stray bullet.”  The suspect is still at large but the woman said she knows who is is and that she’ll be pulling out her hammer if she sees him on the block any time soon.


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