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I Tried to Bust a Move but Ended up Scratching the Floor – ELMA, NEW YORK –Have you ever had one fo those perfect nights out on the town?  You’re clubbing with your buddies, Three Six Mafia is pumping  from the speaker, and you suckered a super hot chick into buying you $6 imports all night long.  Yep, it’s a hip hop gangster’s  paradise, until some wanna-be breakdancer knocks your beer over during the course of his frantic run to the dance floor.  You know this little upper-class, prep school shattas.  White, 21 years old, 110 pounds, wearing a wife beater, baggie jeans that are 4 sizes too big, a Polo golf visor slapped on his head sideways, and a techni-gold (technically it’s gold) rope chain the size of hula hoop hanging from his scrawny neck.  Well, after he made a fool out of himself in front of the whole bar he went to a house party, busted another wack move, then scratched up the  people’s floor.

Police said they’ve arrested a teenager who caused thousands of dollars in damage to a New York family’s  hardwood floor by break dancing on it while wearing a larg belt buckle.  Apparetly the buckle, made to look like a “spinning” automobile wheel, had a real diamond in the center of it which is believed to have caused the damage.  Erie Police said the 18-year-old apparently went to a local dance club to show off his skills then got intoxicated.   When he arrived at a house party late that night he repeatedly tried to do some hand spins but ended up gouging the floor with the spinning rim buckle and caused nearly $3,000 worth of damage.  The lad was fined $300 for underage drinking, was ordered to pay for all damages, and as a part of probation is required to give 10 break dancing  lessons at the local community center.  (


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