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My Happy Stinking Valentine – ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA –   Well, today is the day lovers from across the country get together to express their goofy addiction for one another.    For your dumbasses out there who have no clue, Valentine’s Day  is an annual hoilday celebrating  love between two people who will end hating each other before it’s all over.  It’s named after a Christian Martyr named, coincidentally enough, Valentine, and the rest is retail history.  Yep, good old Valentine the Saint.  He’s the guy to blame for having to blow a huge knot on a bunch of girlie junk a month after the Christmas spend fest.  Well, this manure farmer from Minnesota didn’t fall for that historical nostalgia  or Hallmark propaganda.  Hell, he  didn’t guy a single thing and because he thinks love just plain stinks, literally.

In the heart of farm country, ain’t nothing says “I luv you ma” like a giant crop circle heart made out of cow patties. A southern Minnesota man finished the unusual Valentine’s Day gift for his wife of 37 years in their farm field after milking the cows this morning.  The farmer created his masterpiece of poo with a tractor and manure spreader on Wednesday and finished up in time for an afternoon quickie, after the wife got her gift. (

Wifey said it’s the biggest and most stinkily original Valentine she has ever received, though one time a former stalker sent a box of spank socks before he was arrested for being a  peeping Tom. She said some people might think it’s silly or downright uncouth, but she says it’s cute and thrifty:  “Why not do something fun with what you got, and we got pleny of shit?”  She also went to say that she got her husband billy club made from a cow foot and beat him over the head with it for for getting her dumb “shit” she would never use.  Happy stinking Valentine’s Day!


~ by the115 on 02/14/2010.

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