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A customer selects roses at a flower shop ahead of Valentine's Day in southwestern China's Chongqing municipalityCocaine from U.S. seized.  11:59 pm

9 Kilos for my Valentine – AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS –  Well, Valentine’s day is right around the corner and it’s time for you hopeless romantics to start thinking about what you’re going to get the ball at the end of your proverbial chain for Valentine’s Day.  Yeah, it sucks that you spent $1250 for a set of knock-off Couch luggage for her birthday in November.   Even worse was the $3500 you shelled out for a beach front hut with no air conditioning and a nasty case of the runs in Mexico senior spendito.  Since you’re dead broke and aren’t up for maxing out the credit cards, again, you could always take the cheap route and go with a card and some roses, just leave out the 20 pounds of nose candy.

Just two days before Valentine’s Day, a copious amount of high quality peruvian cocaine was found hidden among 20,000 roses hopping a flight at the Amsterdam airport.   The roses made there way on a flight from Bogota, Colombia, which stopped over in Peru, then flew into Puerto Rico for an Ozzy concert.  The goodies were hidden in false compartments in bottom of the boxes containing the roses.  Three people in the Netherlands were arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute 9 kg (20 lbs) that the police found during a raid on their home, plus the stash found in the rose shipment.  The  haul has been estimated at a street value of about 1.3 million euros, excluding a few keys stolen by customs workers, just for their trouble. (

The Netherlands is a major flower trading hub, home to the world’s biggest flower auction house and is the source of 60 percent of the world’s flower exports and 90% of the finest cannabis seeds cultivated on the planet.  It’s also a free-for-all where you can buy high quality pot at Denny’s, get hooked on government heroin for free, then go out with a bang since prostitution is legal, and you can pay for a lay with a credit card.  In the end, you can just go el cheapo this year and buy a nice box of chocolates and some fresh cut roses, just don’t believe her runny nose is from alergies.


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