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Is that a Rocket in Your Pants or are You Just Happy to be Sledding? – INDEPENDENCE MICHIGAN –  If you have a large family, chances are you have a black sheep crazy uncle that pisses everyone off.  You know the one.  He’s the guy that gets licquored up before noon on Thanksgiving day and ends up having to sleep it off in the downstairs family room until your aunt wakes him up from the dead the following morning.  He’s also been known to build a do-it-yourself helicopter in his garage, then try to fly it down at the quarry, until the fire department comes and shuts him down, twice.  He’s a treat alright, but he’s a rare breed and he’s lived his whole life in search of  never-ending fun.  Well,  this guys not much different, only he found true joy in catching himself on fire, then an ambulance had to come put him out.

A 62-year-old bob sledder looking for a blast of speed got it the hard way when the homemade bottle rocket strapped to his back exploded.  In the aftermath of the rocket’s ignition he caught on fire and was burned on nearly 20 percent of his body.   The man was hosting a Sunday night sledding keg party when he filled a muffler with gasoline and gunpowder, tied it to his back with a shirt, then lit it in hopes he would achieve  “a rocket-launch effect that should have sent me to the next county, instead of the goddamn emergency burn unit.”  (

According to witnesses the rocket seem to work for a few minutes and the man did gain quite a bit of speed, until it blew up and caught him on fire, causing second-degree burns to his hands, face and genitalia.   The local police declined to press charges since the man is known for doing “ridiculous things” at his legendary sledding  keg parties, like last year when he tried to jump a frozen river on an Evel Knievel mini bike, but ended up falling short and fell through the ice when he landed.   An anonymous source said that the man was let go because the very same police were at the sled party drinking beer and egging the old man on.


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