The Daily Habit: Weird News

This photo proivided by the Suffolk County, N.Y., Sheriff's Dept., Wednesday 11:59 pm

A Traffic Fine for My Fake Friend? – ISLANDIA, NEW YORK – Have you even been arrested for doing something really stupid, then proceeded to tell the police a ridiculous story in hopes that they’d cut you a break?   Like that one time when you and your buddies were caught with a case of beer and some numchucks up in the cemetary woods and you told the fuzz that you just happend upon them while you were robbing graves, so they let you go  Or that other time when you were a fraternity pledge and got busted with a fake id during a bar raid and after hiding in the bathroom for three hours swallowing everyone’s weed you came out and told the state cops you were there to pick up a “drunk brother” and those dumb sonsabitches let you go.  Well, this old broad and her fake friend weren’t so lucky, and they were both full of hot air.

A New York woman got slapped with a $135 traffic fine yesterday when she was busted for having a blow-up sex doll  as her passenger in the car pool lane of the Long Island Expressway.  Apparently the woman was in such a hurry to get to work she decided to try to pull a fast in order to cut out the wait in heavy traffic.  On the way, a rookie sheriff’s deputy with a bad case of buck fever and a boner became excited when he saw the alleged “passenger” wearing a hair metal band wig, cheap sunglasses and sporting a seriously nice rack. The only problem: It was a cloudy day and the boobs looked too perfectly shaped in a  halter top to be real.(

When the vehicle was stopped the arresting cop, sure to get a “favor” in return for a favor, discovered that the sexy looking passenger was really a  blow-up sex doll, fully dressed with a spiked wig, hillbilly halter top and stripper scarf.  The 61-year-old driver, who had been arrested for the same stunt once before, was ticketed $135 and was ordered to dress up like a hooker and stand out on the highway with a sign saying “I was caught with a blow up sex doll in the car pool lane” every day for a month.  The moral of this story is that if you are going to ride with a blow up doll in the car pool lane, make sure it’s a fat one with a big head and lots of rubber moles on her face. 


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