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8 Signs Your Boss is an Asshole- AMERICA –  If you’re like the rest of the poor working schmucks in America, there’s 3 certainties you can’t escape:  1. Your life sucks. 2.  You hate your job.  3.  Your boss is an asshole.  Numbers 1 and 2 could easily be ratified, if you quit spending every paycheck on ridiculous amounts of high-prices pot and you went back to school for a GED, but not number 3.  That one is inevitable and there’s on escaping it;  he’s the boss and it’s his job to ride you like a carnival pony.  But, don’t fret.  You’re not alone, because everyone in America hates their boss, or bosses, big time.  But, if you’re in denial and still think that working every Saturday for free is going to get you a promotion, here’s 8 signs to wake you up from that dream and get you on to the idea that you’re boss really is an asshole.

1.  He doesn’t know his job.  Of course he doesn’t.  That’s why he’s the boss.

2.  He doesn’t listen.  Why would he?  He doesn’t know what hell is going on.

3.  He’s close-minded.  Pricks like him usually are.

4.  He doesn’t prepare.   He doesn’t even know how to study for a drug test.

5.  No building skills.  The only thing he can build is his reputation for being a dumb sonofabitch.

6.  He has no discipline.  Doesn’t matter. Nobody listens to him anyway.

7.  He lacks influence.  That ain’t all he lacks.  Influence, brains, balls and hygiene are a few more.

8.  He has no tact.  What do you expect from a guy with a tatoo of a machine gun on his neck? (

So, if you’re sick and tired of being the boss’ floormat, just sick of your job period, or both, grow some minerals and etch out a plan. It doesn’t have to be anything special and it doesn’t even have to involve guns or knives.  You just have 10 or 12 beers at lunch to take the edge off, go back to the office, then walk into his office and tell him he’s the biggest asshole in the whole organization and that you demand some respect on the job.  If that doesn’t work go to the Coke machine and buy your favorite flavor in a can, take off your sock, insert said can, then run down to his office and beat the hell out of him with it.  Chances are you’re troubles will soon be over, if you don’t turn him into a vegetable.


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