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Being straight with your boss cuts stress: study 11:59 pm

Hey Boss, You Bloody Bastard, Fluck You! – LONDON –  If you’re like the rest of the poor shmucks in the world, you probably hate your job like nobody’s business  To make matters worse you have an asshole for a boss and you hate that bastard more than the job itself.  For the past three years, since the day he called you worthless and threw you out of his office for absolutely no freaking reason, you’ve  plotted the many ways you’re going to get even…… anonymous letters to the dean, shit talking in the break room, some clandestine tire slashing, and of the course the award winning speach to be recited on the day when you walk out the door for a better job.  Though it sounds good, there’s now way in hell it’s going to ever happen that way, and walking up to that tyrant and telling how you to his face isn’t going to work, or is it?  Science now say’s that it’s perfectly cool to walk up to your boss and tell him to fluck right off.

A recent study conducted by London psychologists has proven that telling your asshole boss what you really think of them is good for keeping your blood pressure under control and helps keep  those rotten bastards in line.  The results of the study suggest that some companies should go as far as to let employees regularly evalaute their superiors,  in order to produce “happy, healthy, stress-free employees who do not present the threat of provoking a gun battle with the boss in the workplace,” said the study presented at a conference of the British Psychological Society, though “there is nothing wrong with a few punches to the bloody gut every fortnight or so.” (

Researchers split a group of 150 supervisors into two groups, one of which received feedback on their management skills from one large group and another large group which did not.  When the head honchos received feedback from their staff they were more likely to change the way the did things due to the large number of people who secretly hated t hem.  With so much player hating the aforementioned managers quickly realized they needed to get their shit together and stop the asshole routine or their was going to be a massive asswhipping brought forthright from their underlings, but not before tea time.  God save the Queen, and curse the bloody bastards in charge.


~ by the115 on 01/21/2010.

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