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I Paid for $150 for  a Hooker but Didn’t get Laid- MARLBOROUGH, NEW HAMPSHIRE- Have you ever fallen vicitim to some sort of consumer scam where you paid for something but ended up getting screwed in the end?  Like that time you bought a 150 year old Zulu war mask on Ebay but ended up getting a hunk of wood carved in Ghana last week.  Once you opened up that box and found that piece of junk you emailed the seller in Nigeria, threatened to file a complaint and give negs, then you had to wait few weeks while the morons in the PayPal Resolution Department dicked around on the investigation.  Once they gave you the old “send it back to Africa at your cost” routine you got pissed off and told them no freaking way then you easily canceled payment on your credit card.  Easy as can be, right?  Well, not for this guy.  He solicited a hooker for sex and he got screwed, but not by the broad who was selling.

Today a disgruntled man and an old hooker from New Hampshire are each facing prostitution charges after the john called called the nabs from a pay phone to report a theft.  According to police reports the man allegedly paid the prositute and her pimp $150 for a hand job and some nipple pinching at a bus stop, but they took the money and ran, witout fulfilling their, or her financial obligations.  After a one hour search the police found the said whore at another local hooker hangout, but she blew her half of the money on cheap whiskey, a carton of cigarettes and some lottery tickets. (

Both face charges of soliticting sex, prostitution, theft by deception and obsconding from justice.  The pimp is still at large though the whore snitched him out in court and a warrant was issued for his arrest.  She was fined $500 for the prostitution charge, $500 for theft by deception and the fleeing from justice charged was dropped as part of a plea agreement.  The john was also fined $500 and given 100 of community service.  However, his punishment will be much worse once his wife reads his name in the local papers, and sees him standing out in the front of the bus station holding a sign that says “I got caught paying $150 for a handjob at this bus stop but did not get laid.”


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