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9 Things to Ask Your Chick- AMERICA –   Are you a total schmuck who’se always dreamed of being in a relationship where, almost all of the time, you’re telling a hot chick what to do?  Yes, you dream about it all of the time.  Laying around naked with a hot blonde on a Saturday morning, some quick intercourse, then you send her out to get Amazing Chicken at the Sesame Inn for lunch.  After you stuff your fat face on her dime you watch some football while she cleans up the place, then it’s some more casual sex before you go out to the Legion to get hammered with your buddies.  After that you wake up from your dreams and take out the trash before your girlfriend rolls over and penetrates you with her strap on.   If this is really how it is, listen up pal and ger your woman under control because it’s about time she did some shit around your place.  Here are 10 things you need to have her to do, without asking.

1. Laundry.  Why go to Chin’s Chinese  Laundry when she could be doing it everyday while she’s cleaning the house?

2.  Buy gifts for your friends and relatives.  She works 2 full-time jobs and can certainly afford it.

3.  Pay for the entire vacation.  Again, that money from both of her jobs comes in real handy when you’re talking Jamaica in January.

4.  Make tasty sandwiches.  And tasty wings, pizza, taco dip, meatballs and anything else your Sunday football buddys like.

5.  Wake up calls.  Why not…. she’s usually the first one up so why not sleep in while she irons, makes breakfast and shovels the snow? (

6.  Hang out with your ex.  Nothing wrong with  a threesome, as long as they’re both cool with it.

7.  DVR your favorite shows.  Leave the list on the table, along with your grocery list, cell bill and taxes, but only because they are due in a few weeks.

8.  Lose weight.  Start running chubby.  Wearing the “fat pants” every weekend is getting old.

9.  Grow her hair long.  As long as possible since it covers the bald spots so well.


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