Classic Habit: The Year’s Best of Weird News

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Wait Here Son.  Daddy Needs a Lap Dance – INDIANAPOLIS , INDIANA-  Do you remember way back to the days when  your old man was young and stupid?  You may have been a bouncing lad, or even a Cub Scout, but it didn’t really matter because he made some foolish decisions.  Like that one time when he got so drunk he drove the car into the garage with no hands, only the door was down and he smashed mommy’s car to pieces.  Or  there was that other time when he ran out on the field during a little league game and yelled at you for striking out on a 3-0 count, then he beat the hell out of the ump  for getting nosey.   Well, that’s nothing.  This guy lost his kid and car, but he did get a lap dance and slammed a few beers before getting busted.

A Indianapolis man was arrested and spent the night in county lockup after he left his 5-year-old son in a semi-truck while he went inside of a stripper club for a few beers and a private lap dance.  After two hours of fun he left but was too hammered to remember where he parked, so called the cops and reported the truck stolen.  Afer combing the area  the police found the truck, and a 5 year old boy inside drinking beer and watching pornos. The keys were in the ignition, the doors were unlocked, and there were nudie mags all over the place.  (

For his blantant stupidity he was charged with child neglect and public intoxication, then his wife beat the hell out of him after bailing him out.  He also had to paint the living room, snake the septic tank, and walk up and down the front of the trailer park entrance holding a sign that says “I’m a pervert who left his 5 year old son alone in an 18 wheelers while I went in to a stripper bar for a lap dance with a happy ending.”  Nothing like a little trailer park justice for a bad dad with blue balls and a thirst for booze and strippers. Maybe if bought junior a table dance or two there wouldn’t have been any problems, at least not till mommy found out. 


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  1. wow crzy story

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