Classic Habit: Entertainment from the Past

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No Officer I Don’t Have A Strip Club In My Basement-  LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA – It seems like things are getting harder and harder as each day goes by.  Sure, those bastards on tv love to tell you that we’re on the rebound and that once the economy hits ground zero the only way to go is up, but what do they know?  The true essence of America is enginuity and when people are dead broke they do the damnedest things to get by.  You have some who seek a life of crime and sell drugs, but just to make some free head and a couple bucks for a new Humvee with a kicking system.  Others try their hand at rummaging through garbage cans and selling the booty on Ebay, until some disgruntled homeowner comes out of his house and goes nuts.  Sure, those are great ways to earn a few quid when times are tight, but nothing’s better than running a skin show in the privacy of your own home, until you get busted for it.

Constabulary forces in a hick Georgia town were called into action on a noise complaint  earlier today  but ending up arresting a 28-year-old woman who was allegedly operating an illegal strip club in her basement and garage.  After getting private lap dances with a happy ending they searched the property and turned up a that read “1 Dollar Jello Shots”  and “2 Dollar Hand Jobs” written in crayon, and a rather  large group minors drinking from a skunked keg.  The woman faces a charge o f maintaining a disorderly house , public nudity, contributing to the delinquency of minors and running an illegitimate business from her garage.  She was also fined for having unlicensed condom machines in the bathroom, living room, kitchen and sun porch (

Another tenant who lives in the house said whole thing was just a misunderstanding as she was taken way wearing only wrestling boots and pasties. She said their friends  threw party to celebrate a birthday and newly renovated home complete with lighted stage and stipper pole, yet claimed that there were no strippers or underage drinking.  The cops also busted an underage kid with a killer fake idea and a bag of really good marijuna.   He was originally charged with underage consumption, providing false identification, and possession of a controlled substance, but the judge let him go after he gave her a lap dance with a happy ending,  stripper style.


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