Classic Habit: Politics from the Past

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I’m not Paying Back Taxes Cause my Baby’s $800 Coat Comes First-  In America, at least at present time, there’s only a few things that are certain in life.  Some say life’s a real bitch, then your luck dries up and you marry one.  Other’s say that mortality is inevitable, but tell that to Elivis and Tupac Shakur who are still creeping around the proverbial building.  Both, however, would agree that taxes are a real pain in the ass, and they aren’t going anywhere.  Neither are you if you’re up to your eyeballs in debt to the IRS.  Well, that might not be true because former D.C. Marion “that’s not me on tape” Barry owes a bundle, but he ain’t payin a cent this month.

Barry owes thousands of dollars in back taxes, but that didn’t stop him from buying his girlfriend an $800 coat.  He bought the opera coat with his own money Saturday at a cancer auction held at the Ritz-Carlton hotel where he topped CNN’s Wolf Blitzer’s bid.  The IRS has been taking $1,350 every two weeks from Barry’s salary since late 2006 and he also has been paying the D.C. government $350 a month (;_ylt=AmHbYEykCb8pfcMDjQlnbU9vzwcFBarry).

Barry said his troubles shouldn’t be a factor in what gifts he buys, and why should it?  So, what.  The guy has a little tax problem. Doesn’t every politician?  Sure, it looks bad because he was caught on tape smoking crack with a prostitute in a D.C. hotel, and another time when he was  nabbed buying coke from a goverment official in the Virgin Islands, but that doesn’t make him a bad guy.  After all, he did some great things as mayor, though none of them will be remembered.  The fact of the matter is his main squeeze needed a nice jacket to wear out on the town so he picked it up, and he outbid that bore Wolf Blitzer in the process.   Screw the IRS.  They can wait for a check like everyone else.


~ by the115 on 12/28/2009.

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