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The Bigotry of Bob Griese – ESPN –  Have you ever noticed the “old boy network” ever-present in the American sports broadcasting ranks?  It’s that fine line between letting a sports legend get away with an ethnic slur on television and firing a nobody for telling a harmless fart joke.  Like that time when broadcast bigshot Don Imus called a predominately black women’s college basketball team a “bunch of nappy-headed hoes” and all he got was a 3 month blacklisting and a huge raise when he went to do a show on a network affiliate.  Or how about way back in the day when Howard Cossel so eloquently said of Art Monk, “Just look at that little monkey go.”  Poor Howard. He was fired before he got out to the parking lot after the game.  Well, Bob Griese just showed his alleged bigotry on ESPN, and they didn’t do a damn thing except send him on vacation.

Earlier today Griese, a former Miami Dolphin standout, was suspended one week, yep only a week, for an ethnic wisecrack he made about NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya.  According to a memo from the ESPN human resource department, Griese will not be working any games this week but will instead be playing golf in the Bahamas on a docket paid for by ESPN.  Griese seemed to be care-free after his one game suspension and said he understood the comment was inappropriate.  During ESPN’s broadcast of the Minnesota-Ohio State game Saturday, a video was shown listing the top drivers in the NASCAR standings.  A fellow announcer covering the game pointed out that Montoya, a Colombian, was not on the list and wanted to know where he was.  Griese took a swig  of beer and said that Montoya was “out having a taco and waiting to score some blow.” (

  Since the remarks Griese has twice apologized on air and sent Montoya a $1500 Taco John’s gift certifate.  At a press conference early yesterday Montoya delclined to comment on Griese and his paddy cake suspension. He brushed off the ethnic slur and said he’d never heard of a bigot named Bob Griese, but we all know that’s untrue.  If it isn’t, ask yourself one question.  Who is more acclaimed for their athletic prowess?  A redneck NASCAR jockey from Spain with a jones for tacos and cocaine or one of the greatest All-American quarterbacks to play the game?  You decide.  In the mean time, let’s all Run to the Border for some Potato Oles, hold the sniff.



~ by the115 on 12/27/2009.

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