Classic Habit: Weird News from the Past

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I’d Like the Corpse Kabob Please, Hold the Testicles – MOSCOW –  If you’ve ever eaten weird foods from around the world you know that there are all kinds of funky flavors and textures that come across as totally gross.  With this being the case, the first thing that enters your mind after taking a bite of something exotic might be, ”what the hell is this?”  If you were sitting in the Peking Gourmet Asian/American Buffet, you might think that crunch in your General Tso was a cat claw.  On the other hand, if you were munching on a late night gyro bought from the Middle Eastern  man’s  corner store and wondered what the hell you were eating, you might think  the tasty pink flesh is monkey meat.   But if you were in Russia, would you think the balls of meat grilled on a metal stick were from a dead dude?  Maybe.

Russian police have arrested three nut cases who they believed ate a 25-year-old man whom they butchered, barbequed, then sold the remaining parts to a local shish kebab and burrito house.   The jig was finally up when charred body parts were found near a bus stop around the corner from the restaurant.  All three bums had previous criminal records and a history of mental illness.  “After knocking the guy senseless with a hammer, they cooked him, ate him and sold what was left to a kiosk selling kebabs and tacos,” the Prosecutor-General said. (

It was not immediately clear from the statement if any of the corpses had reached the homes of customers, but some said their meat had a little wang to it, while others said it tasted


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