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I am Chad Ocho Stinko. Please Fine Me $30 Grand – CINCINATTI, OHIO – If you’re a football fan, you probably know that the new commisioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, doesn’t play games when it comes to breaking the rules.  He has absolutely no patience for stupidity so when a player screws up, he’s going to be there to chew somebody’s ass out but good, then fine them a hefty sum of money.  Though he has been accused of being a patsy at times, he stood up straightand tall when he kicked Mike Vick out of the league for being a no good liar who ran an underground dog fighting club.  Same exact thing when Plastico Burress smuggled an unlicensed gun int0 a bar then proceeded to accidentally shoot himself in the nads, without notifying the police or the league.  Well it’s no different for that jackass Chado Ocho Stinko, only he got fined $30 large for doing a Mexican hat dance in the end zone, again.

The oft-hated receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals was  fined $30,000 for wearing a cheap poncho and sombrero after scoring a touchdown this weekend over the Detroit Lionis, then doing a hat dance around the end zone like he was in a Cinco de Mayo parade in Tijuana.  This fine comes only three weeks after Goodell nailed him for $20,000 for pretending to bribe a referee with dollar after blowing a call on a instant replay.   Always a ham in front of the camera, he legally changed his name last year from Chad Johnson to  “Ocho “Stinko” Cinco which means number 85 sucks.  (

According to league official, Ocho Stinko broke several rules that prohibit abusive, threatening or insulting language or gestures toward officials.   League policy also prohibits a player or coach from making racial gestures  or comments, and also forbids taking items onto the field that are not a part of their uniforms like lip balm, rolling papers, pistols, panchos and sombreros, all of which are a no-no in the end zone.  So, next time Ocho Cinco scoresa  touch down and gets readyto pull a stupid stunt that holds up the game, several Mexican fans with baseball bats should run down out of the stands and beat him like a pinata for being ethnically insensitive. Ocho Stinko, usted aspira el asno.


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