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This Monday, Dec. 7, 2009 picture shows Moses, a Jersey Holstein calf mix at Brad Davis and Megan Johnson's farm in Sterling, Conn. Born the previous week, the calf has a white marking on its forehead in the approximate shape of a cross. 11:59 pm

Mother, Get The Bible.  Our Calf Was Born With An Upside Down Cross On It’s Head –  STERLING, CONNECTICUT –  In the  New England countryside, hard-working Puritans, yeah, there still out there, follow the good book without fail.  They’re God fearing people and if they don’t do something good with their lives, in the name of the Lord,  then they burn in hell fire for eternity.   If a barn catches on fire during harvest and it can’t be put out they say it’s a sure sign from God that the barn needed burned to the ground.  If somebody hits the lottery and doesn’t fork over the winnings in the donation plate during Sunday’s sermon they their barn is torched and it too is believed to be marking from above.  But you aren’t going to make a steak out of a baby cow that’s been born with the symbol of darkness on its head?  No.  Back  to Hell Satan.

A brown calf with a white upside down cross pattern on its head was born last week at a dairy farm in a Connecticut Puritan community and it won’t be raised for slaughter.  The owner of the beast thinks the marking may be a sign of the devil, though he’s still trying to figure out what that message might be.  One idea is that it’s just a regular cross from God’s viewpoint in Heaven.  Others think it’s a sign of witchcraft.   However, Satan may be at work since the cow moos Motley Crue’s “Shout at the Devil” when it’s getting milked.  (

A scientist at Yale University’s School for Paranormal Reasearch says it’s not unusual for a Holstein cow to have a white marking on its head, albeit an upside cross or a set of cocknballs.   But, a rival professor in the same department says the cross shape is unique and is a sure sign that witchcraft is still being practiced among the small Puritan communities in the area, and the sign of Satan on the beast’s head is proof.   As Vince Neil once said, he’s the cow screaming lonely in the night, he’s the blood stain on the stage, he’s the tear in your eye after he’s butchered and cooked on your grill.  Shout at the Devil.


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