The Daily Habit: Television

In this Dec. 5, 2009 booking photo provided by the Boulder County, Colo. Jail 11:59 pm

I Used to be on ‘Family Ties’ but now I’m a Tatooed Felon – BOULDER, COLORADO – You ever watch those Vh-1 documentaries on former child actors?   It’s basically a “where are they now” reality show where former kid actors are hunted down and interviewed against their will, and the viewing audience is wooed into a lost sense of nostalgia by tricky camera angels and narrated goo goo ga ga,  until they find out their favorite tv kid is a total loser with a $100 coke habit.  Of course Todd Bridges comes to mind when it’s talk of bady boys.  He went from being Mr. Drummond’s house boy Willis to boosting cars and sniffing glue in Compton.  Not a whole lot different for baby brother Arnold.  Gary Coleman went from being America’s “cutest” child actor to a notorious wife beater downs a fifth of vodka  a day on his job as a security guard.  Same goes for the little dude who played Andy on Family Ties, only the show went best before anybody knew his name, and they still don’t.

Colorado state police arrested 28-year-old former child star Brian Bonsall who played Andy on Family Ties, though little is known about him since the show went off the air before he had a speaking part.  Bonsall allegedly got wasted Sunday night and smashed wooden stool over his coke dealer’s head for trying to peddle duff.  After being busted for assault and possession of a bong, Andy, little brother of Alex P. Keaton played by Michael J. Fox, told officers he had been drinking Absinthe all day and didn’t remember what the hell happened.  (

According to court records  Bonsal lives in Westminster, Colo., about 20 miles south of Boulder, and also lists his occupatoin as a grower of medicinal marijuana.  This wasn’t the first time Dandy Andy was nabbed for rocking the ganje, and playing punching bag with a female.  He was sentenced to probation in 2007  after assaulting his girlfriend and for possession of a large amount of really good marijuana.  A few months later was later accused of probation violations when he failed a drug test every Friday for two months.  He is being held in the Boulder County Jail  until the judge decides to do with him.   He’s not much of a known child star so the chances of him being picked up for Celebrity Rehab are slim to none.   The only option might be jail, or at least a cheap, state owned rehab to rid him of the jones for good pot.


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