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The New Teflon Don- Junior Gotti Let Go – NEW YORK  CITY –  Hey, buddy, if you think the Mob is down and out in America, fagetaboutit.  Organized crime is making a comeback and sooner or later they’re going to control the neighborhood again, whether you like it or not.  Sure, most of the Mafia godfathers have been buried in jail-house cemetaries and those who were aren’t dead have one foot in the grave, but the spawn of the Teflon Don just got out, and it seems like the strong-arm tactics of daddy’s day worked like at charm, for the fourth time in a row.  Now there’s a new teflon tough guy in town, and his name is John Gotti Jr.

A federal  judge who knew what was good for himself AND his family declared a mistrial Tuesday at the racketeering trial of John “Junior” Gotti, son of the notorious John Gotti Sr., former head of the Gambino crime family. It was the fourth hung jury in five years and probably the last since all of the witnesses and jurors have been bought off or knocked off.   Papa Gotti was the best at beating federal indictments but he was finally convicted of murder and racketeering in 1992 and died a few years later in prison, but not before he took over the joint with the flare and style of an old-world Crime Boss.

Throughout all 4 trials Junior said he left Mob life behind in 1999 and was just an every day “Joe” trying to make a few bucks off the books.  This time the jurors deliberated nearly two weeks  before telling the judge they were deadlocked over racketeering conspiracy and murder charges because they were afraid they’d be sleeping with the fishes if they went the other way.  The Feds accused Gotti of ordering gangland hits to settle scores and of secretly pocketing drug money.  Despite the overwhelming evidence against Gotti, nobody on the jury had the Maloney’s to say he was guilty. (

 In the three previous trials the arguments all focused on the testimony that Gotti ordered a hit on that coward Curtis Sliwa, founder of those pussies the Guardian Angels,  but all ended in hung juries because those jurors knew what was good for themselves too.   After the trial a smiling Gotti walked out of the court-house and told reporters that he was looking forward to spending time with his children and with that boatload of money he has buried in his basement. “It was difficult for me being locked up the past few years but I did manage to run the place from my penthouse jail cell” Junior said.  He also thanked the jury for “keeping an open mind and closed mouths, which is a hard thing to do when thinking about the realities of old Mob lore.  Fagetaboutit though.  In all actuality they didn’t have much choice or Tommy Two Techs would have paid every one of those sonsabitches a visit they wouldn’t soon forget.”


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