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I Spent $1 Million of the School’s Money Secretly Trying to Contact Alien Life for 8 Years and now You Fire Me? – MESA, ARIZONA –  Nowadays, with the massive advancements in computer technology, there are lots and lots of people who are completely hooked on the internet.  It’s like a crackhead’s hunger for crack only it involves Ebay and all night shopping with a credit card.  But, with the good comes the bad and somebody always gets busted for using a computer for something naughty.  For instance, right now you could probably snoop through your boss’ computer and find emails from the ugly broad in human resources who he’s been banging every day after work since the Halloween party.  Or, there’s probably a very good chance that you could go home and find a boatload of porno on your dad’s laptop, only he’d swear he didn’t know how it got on there because he doesn’t know how to use a computer.  Well, that’s not even close to what this space ranger did.  He was fired for taking a few liberties on the job,  but  there wasn’t any internet pornography involved, only aliens.

A former Arizona school district technology director was canned for secretly using school computer networks to find aliens.  Even worse, his jones to reach DefCon 3 cost  the district more than $1 million in hard cash.   Apparently the Carl Sagan wannabe downloaded the SETI (S each for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) application that uses internet connected computers worldwide to analyze radio telescope data in an experiment to find little green men on other planets.   Though he did not directly break any rules for using the computers in secret, he did pirate the district’s system and it did screw up all of the internet connections on campus, including the superintendent’s online subscription to and (

District officials believe it will take more than $1 million to fix the problem, including removal of the alien searching software, though that seems like a ridiculous amount to delete a bunch of ufo files.  Since the economy is down the solar paneled crapper, those fools on the school board should cut some costs and  just hire back the dumbass who put them on there in the first place, instead of shelling out a whopping bag of money for another team of dumbasses to delete it.   After all, he’s the one who sabotaged the network before he was officially fired and he is probably the only one who knows how to fix it.  As they say, don’t get mad, get even.  Just cut off the boss’ internet  connection for good, then tell him to shove the job up his Millenium Falcon.


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