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FILE - Roger Avary arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of Beowulf held at the 11:59 pm

I Twittered about Work Release and You Send Me Back to the Slam? – VENTURA, CALIFORNIA – Nowadays in America, it seems like there is a two way street when it comes to politics, crooked politics that is.  It’s not really what you know, it’s who you know, or at least who you have the goods on.  One false slip of a Twitter and somebody could end up in the spotlight, or wearing cement shoes in the river; it just depends on your juice.  When a professional athlete like Terrel Owens Twitters the San Diego Chargers training camp food sucks ass all of the media responds with a  yuck yuck and puts him on the front page.  If Brittany Spears Twitters that she’s whoofing down twinkies and darvocet every hour on the hour she got a free pass to a detox clinic in Colorado and a boo hoo book deal from Oprah.  But when a quasi-famous writer that nobody knows Twitters about a prison work release job he goes right back to jail with no hopes of parole.

 “Pulp Fiction” writer Roger Avary was barred from prison work furlough program and thrown back in the slammer without a moments notice.   After bribing a few court officials Avary was  sentenced to one year in jail and five years probation last September for a drunken driving accident that killed a man and injured his  wife.  Since then he has been serving his time in a cushy work furlough program for the rich and famous.  The Los Angeles Times and the Ventura County Star reported that he was removed from the furlough program and jailed after allegedly Twittering about his experiences since being sentenced.  “Work Release Sucks.  I need an 8-ball fast” and “For $100,000 bribe I should be getting laid.”  (

Court officials made a public statement claiming Twittering wasn’t the only reason why Avary was removed from the work release program.  Avary’s attorney also denied Twittering caused his incarceration.  Though there wasn’t any more information given, common sense tells you that Avary got locked up, again, because he bitched about the program, bitched about  the heavy bribe he had to pay to get into the program, and because he got caught with an eight ball.  3 strikes and your out, unless you’re a real celebrity with real money that buys real clout.  A $100,000 bribe doesn’t get much more these days, even with a lousy economy.



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