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Get Lost or I’ll Beat You with this Squeegee- CONWAY, ARKANSAS –  Lets face it.  Things aren’t so great in America right now and everybody’s pissed about something.  It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, there’s always an angry man in the crowd and he just wants to be heard, in case nobody’s listening.  Take for instance that guy from some rink-dink town north of Pittsburgh. He kept getting screwed on his cable month after month, until he drove to the cable office and smashed a few windows with a Louisville Slugger.  Same goes for that guy in Cleveland who got passed over for promotion twice by the same V.P.  He got so fed up he walked in the V.P.’s office, grabbed the guy’s water cooler, then threw it down the elevator shaft 13 floors.  Both said that getting arrested for a few minutes of revenge was worth it.  But how about this guy?  He beat another guy down with a plastic cleaning utensil, just because he was second in line.

An Arkansas man accused of bludgeoning another man who was first in line at a gas pump will be charged with assault with a non-deadly tool and second-degree battery.  The victim of the ass whipping told cops that he was waiting in line to get $3 in gas and was about to clean his windshield when the suspect cut in front of him to pay for his gas.  When he protested the suspect took the squeegee and started beating him with it. ” I was kind of standing by my car, in line to pay for my gas and cleaning my windshield.  A minute later some homeless looking guy cut in front of me and when I asked him about it he turned around, took the squeegee out of my hand, then he proceeded to beat the hell out of me with it.”  (

The suspect had no identification and no known address, and it wasn’t clear whether he had an attorney, but reports indicate he may have just been a bum who was washing windows for a few quid, and thought the other guy stole his squeegee.  Reports from eye witnesses say the victim did take the squeegee from a bucket that clearly did not belong to the gas station.  When the suspect asked the victim to leave his squeegee alone the victim ignored the suspect and began washing his windshield, until he got his ass whipped for playing with somebody elses’s stuff.  A lesson learned the hard way.


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