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In this photo taken Monday, Nov. 23, 2009 residue is seen on the bottom of an 11:59 pm

Mother, Get the Bible. I Saw Jesus  in the Iron – METHUEN, MASSACHUSETTS – You know, it seems like once every few months some fruit cake has a little too much communion wine at the Sunday service, then they come home and see visions of God in ordinary household items.  These are ordinary church-going people mind you, only they might believe a little too much, or they’re on prescription medication.  Of the many Jesus sightings, the one in California with a praying Jesus growing out of a tree was somewhat convincing, until some protesting Atheist chopped it down with a machete. Another was that stupid potato chip with a photoshopped picture Jesus sporting a crown of thorns, the one that sold on Ebay for $1401, then the buyer sold it back because it ended up being an ordinary kettle chip with burn marks.  Well, this lady saw etchings of our favorite long-haired rabbi while during her laundry, and her luck ain’t so great either, or is it?

A Massachusetts divorce who had her hours cut at work claims she has an image of Jesus Christ burned into her iron has reassured her that “life is going to be good even though my husband left me for another man and my boss cut my hours because I wouldn’t put out on my lunch break.”  The woman first noticed the image after church last week when she walked into her daughter’s room to get the iron.  When she picked it up she noticed black residue that looks like the almighty Son himself. (

The woman raised Catholic but doesn’t believe that influenced her thoughts on what she thinks the picture looks ike. She and her daughters agree that the image looks like Jesus and is proof  that mom will rebound from her misfortunes soon.  “He’s listening because I prayed that my husband would suffer for leaving me and that my boss would also suffer because he kept feeling me up at work.  Low and behold they ended up crashing into each other in the parking lot of the local Susie Kim’s Chinese Massage parlor.  So much for their happy endings.”   She also said she plans to scrape off the residue before she does laundry again, unless somebody wants to pay her some cold hard cash for it. 


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