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Ho, Ho, Ho.  Classic Holiday Scams – AMERICA   If you’re like everybody else in America, you’re dead broke, or damn close, and that no good money pit of a holiday called Christmas is right around the corner.  Yeah, you tried to put a few bucks away each pay but your weed habit and addiction to take-out always seemed to get in the way.  If you put away $20 it went to extra cheese and pepperoni. If you stashed $50 it was shelled out for a satch of blueberry fields.  Now, with Xmas around the corner, you’re going into panic mode and have to take the el-cheapo route to holiday giving.  If that’s the case, use you’re head Jimmy, and not your dipstick.  Beware of these classic holiday scams or you’ll be waiting on the roof to rob Santa  at gunpoint.

1.  Hidden debit card fees.  That set of authentic ninja swords on Ebay was a killer deal, until that $200 debit sur-charge chopped its way onto your bill.

2.  Half-off sales.  That turkey deep fryer and sniper paint ball gun were half off, but they jacked up the price 100% the day before the sale.

3.  Extended warranties.  That 2 year replacement warranty on the battery operated nose hair trimmers was great, until you found out it cost $850 to ship the replacement covered under the warranty.

4.  Gift card fees.  What a great way to give somebody $100  to get what they want, only it costs $250 to buy one.

5. Return fees.  All items car be returned after 365 days, but they have to be shipped in the same packaging, and there is a $250 restocking fee to cover any depreciation of the item. ( 

It’s a fact of life that the holidays are tough on your budget, but you know you can’t do a damn thing about it.   You don’t want to spend more than you planned but also don’t want to look like a total cheapskate in front of the whole freaking famil on Christmans morning.  If you play your cards right you can find lots of cheap knockoffs on Ebay for a fraction of the cost.  And, if you cough up the dough with PayPal, then you’re pretty much home free, unless you buy from an overseas seller. If you do, chances are that $120 in-dash DVD player for a Hynundai Accent will end up being a box of Chinese food menus from Peking and after filing a PayPal complait and winning, it will cost you $850 to ship it back for a refund.  Ho, ho, ho. Merry freaking Xmas.


~ by the115 on 11/25/2009.

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