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7  Signs He Could Care Less – AMERICA – Ladies, do you find yourself sitting around all day pondering over that no-good quagmire in life, a.k.a. your so-called boyfriend?  Is he playing reindeer games with your heart, or at least what you think might be a game, and you’re losing?  If so, it might be time to start thinking about moving on and finding someone else to nag.    If you’re in denial, think about it this way…. he’s trying to throw you a wicked message to getoutskie, but you’re  pretty lousy at playing catch the hint. With this in mind, i f you’re still not co-siginng on these signals, here are 7 signs your man could care less.

1.  He never texts at the right time.  He never texts at the wrong time either.  Hell, he doesn’t text period.

2.  He doesn’t want to see you.  Why would he?  You’re old news but aren’t getting the hint.

3.  You don’t pass the distance test. He wants to be as far away from you as possible.

4.  You don’t stack up to things he likes to do.  Unless your making pizza and fetching beers during the Steeler game, he wants nothing to do with you.

5.  He doesn’t find time for you.  He has no time because he’s boinkin a new chick, only you don’t know about her yet.

6.  You don’t see his other side.  Of course you don’t.  He broke up with you a year ago.

7.  You don’t have down time together. You don’t have up time either because he’s been trying to tell you to get lost for months. (

Unfortunately, some guys will do all of the above, repeatedly, and you still don’t get the freaking message. Sometimes, in your mission to find a guy who will put up with your shit, you fail to recognize the truth t for what it is and fail to convince yourself  that your boyfriend just isn’t into you anymore, that is if he ever was. It really all comes down to enjoying each other’s company so it’s about time your figured out he stopped enjoying yours last year. You deserve a desparate guy who is just as weird as you and chances are you probably won’t find him any time soon. 


~ by the115 on 11/24/2009.

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