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10 Tips for Selling Your Rundown Home – AMERICA –  If you’re dead broke like eveyone else in America, you’re probably looking to dump some dead weight from your credit report.  As of now, every freaking Bill you know is asking you for money.  Telephone Bill, Cable Bill, Water Bill, and all of the others Bilss are chasing you down, but they sure as hell aren’t riends of yours.  In times like this, you need to sell the most expensive thing you own, if you own some of it, then run like hell from your creditors.  So, if you have a rundown house you want to get rid of pronto, here are 10 tips on how to sell it, the easy way.

1. If you can’t wait then don’t wait.   Sell that dump the minute you find sucker with cash, or good credit.

 2.  Don’t know the local market.  Never sell anything to somebody you know, unless they have cash or good credit.

3. Don’t price progressively.  Give it away now before it’s too late, to somebody with cash or good credit.

4.  Don’t negotiate commission with the broker.  Screw him.  Sell it yourself, to somebody who has cash or good credit.

5.  Don’t get it preinspected. As is” sounds good to anybody with cash or good credit.

6.  Don’t dress up the outside.  It’s a dump, leave it that way.

7.  Don’t light it up.  It won’t light up anyway, not since your electric was shut off.

8.  Don’t make it bigger inside.  You can’t anyway.  There’s too much junk piled up all over the place.(

9.  Don’t be flexible.  Cash, up front, under the table, no taxes, or no deal.

10.  Don’t be professional.  Don’t worry about wearing sweat pants and a  sweaty sweatshirt.  The money will go well with that garbage bag.

While most Americans can’t wait to stuff that fat faces at Thanskgiving and get loaded on free booze at the company party at Christman, anyone trying t pawn off a house on a sucker with cash or good credit in the coming months will have an entirely different perspective come spring time when they’re still stuck with a mortage for triple than what the place is worth. On average, it takes between 12 and 16 months to sell an MTV type Crib these days, and even longer for a run down rat trap.   If you are the proud owner of that dump, or anthing remotely close, and you need liquid assets fast, follow these 10 tips and just wait for the suckers with cash or good credit to come running.


~ by the115 on 11/17/2009.

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