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4 Things You Should Never Do with Your Credit Cards 11:59 pm

4 Ways to Blow Your Credit- AMERICA –  If you’re like every other poor schmuck in America, you’re dead broke, or damn near it, and your hard earned-credit, if you ever had it, is about to get tossed out the window.  Times are tough and every credit card company is weeding out the losers and jacking up the interest rates for the suckers who pay on time.  Yes, you are now a financial liability to your credit card comany and you’re in total denial of what’s going to happen in the near future.  Sure, you had a really good time using your plastic to pay for those messages with a happy ending in Vegas, but now you can’t pay for a porno mag and a spank sock at Sheetz.  It’s time to start penny pinching buttercup because you’r etwo late notices away from bum status. If you’re still not seeing the bigger picture and are just having fun with somebody else’s money, here are a few ways to run your credit right into the ground.

1.  Don’t make only the minimum payments.  As a matter of fact don’t make any payments.

2.  Carry 5 credit cards at all times.  That way you can randomly pick which one to max out first.

3.  Don’t pay on time.  Never pay on time, or take the irresponsibile way out and just don’t pay at all.

4.  Take cash advances.. It’s free cash that you’re never going to pay back anyway.  (

If you’re frugal with your money and haven’t charged a nickle since the spawn of Bush the elder was screwing up the financial system while he was president, chances are you’ve managed to keep yourself afloat.  But, if you’ve been shopping on Ebay with that rubber credit card and tossing those late notices in the trash, it’s time to wake up and smell the odors of the Broke Street Mission.  The notice is in the mail and yes, that car on the back of the tow truck yesterday was yours.  These all are signs that you’re about to go dead so read them and weep.  Your credit just plain sucks.


~ by the115 on 11/16/2009.

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