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I Disliked my Racist Colleague so I Punched Her in the Face – HARLEM – If you’re like the rest of America, there’s a damn good chance you hate your boss, somebody at work, or both.  It really doesn’t matter what these people do to you but something inside just makes you hate their guts.  When you do completely despise someone this much, what do you do in retaliation?  Do you stalk them after night class, knock them over the head and stuff them in your trunk for late-night swirlie in the faculty restrooms?  Or, do run into their office wearing a clown mask and swinging numchucks, chip a few teeth, then ran back out across the football field into the woods?  Nope.  You just get them drunk and punch them in the face.

An acclaimed Columbia architecture professor known to all as “Doc” punched a female colleague in the face at a Harlem bar Saturday night.  Apparently it was over some racist remarks made during a conversation they were having over drinks, and lingering feelings after a conversation on the same subject weeks before.  The professor, who is black, had been engaged in a fiery discussion about “white privilege” with the female victim, who is white, and another while male bar patron, also a victim of an ass whipping, when the knock blow landed.  “The punch was so loud, the kitchen workers in the back heard it over all the noise,” said a cook.  “One of the wise ass solid boys ran over to the lady while she was laying on the ground and said ‘damn, you got knocked the fluck out biatch.’  Then the dude who started the fight shoved Doc and said ‘You don’t hit a woman old man’ but Doc ended up knocking him out too.” (

The woman was spotted wearing a scarf and dark sunglasses on campus yesterday to conceal the black eye that she got for making racist remarks. Upon being mobbed by reporters she declined to comment on the alleged attack, other than to say it was total bullshit that a man hit a woman for making racist remarks.   The professor wasn’t availabe for his side of the story but it’s always the same thing: you just can’t get along with people at work.  The real lesson here wasn’t in the classroom, it’s from the streets.  If an educated white woman makes a racist comment to an educated black man, she’s getting punched in the face for being a racist.


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