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I Called 911 Because my Orange Juice was Missing and You Fine Me $300? – ALOHA  OREGON –  If you’re like every other schmuck in America who eeks out a living you’ve probably been screwed at the local fast food drive through on many occasions.  Yes, you bust your ass all day long earning a few bucks but no, they can’t get the goddamn order right when it comes time to spend that hard-earned cash, so what are you going to do? When you go to Taco Bell and get goddamn tomatoes on the soft taco supreme after saying no goddamn tomatoes do you run out of the car and shove it back in the drive thru guy’s face?  Yes, of course.  If you don’t get the Double Whopper with Cheese your way every time at Burger King do you hunt down the Burger King and kick his freaking weird ass costume and all?  You certainly do .  But do you call emergency services when McDonald’s screws up your breakfast?  Hell no, but this idiot did.

 A 20-year-old Oregon man, yes, a 20 year old man who called 911 to get his fast-food order straightened out has been ordered to pay a $300 fine.  According to court documents the man, whose name has been withheld to prevent public ridicule, called 911 to report that a McDonald’s clerk stole his orange juice  from a drive-through order and stood there drinking it while the complaint was lodged.   The same employee later called 911 to report that the man and his drunk buddies were blocking the drive thru lane,  squeezing ketchup packets on the restaurant windows and shaking down employees while the were sweeping the parking lot.  (

Once the cops arrived on the scene they tried telling the man that they don’t have time to drive all over town for a stolen orange juice so they gave $2 and told him to buy another one. They said he “didn’t want their goddamn money and insisted he had the legal right to call police.”   After refusing to cooperate the man was tasered twice and stuffed in the back of the cruiser before landing in the county lock-up.  In court the next day pleaded guilty to the improper use of 911, resisting arrest,  and was ordered to pay the fine.  He also had to stand out in the front of the restaurant wearing a Ronald McDonald costume and holding a sign that said”I’m a habitual 911 caller who had to be tasered by two cops for being an asshole at the drive thru and this McDonald’s.”


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