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James P. Miller, 20, is shown Saturday, Oct. 31, 2009, in a police photo 11:59 pm

I Wore a Breathalyzer Test Costume for Halloween then Got Busted for a DUI – OXFORD, OHIO – Do you know of those extremely spunky people who go way the hell out of their way to celebrate a holiday?  They’re the ones who take decorations and parties to the next level, only it usually pisses off the neighbors in a big way.  Take that guy who starts stringing up Christmas lights in September.  By mid November his house is so goddamn bright it lights up the whole freaking neighborhood for 8 blocks and nobody gets any sleep til Easter.  Or how about the demolition expert who lives next door?  His 4th of July extravaganza consists of a keg of Pabst Blue Ribbon, $25 grand worth of class 3 explosives, 2 firetrucks and an ambulance on stand-by.  Then you have a total jackass like this dude.  He bought Halloween costume at and ended up getting busted for drunken stupidity.

An Ohio man with a wise-ass sense of humor dressed as a Breathalyzer test for Halloween and ended up having to take a real breathalyzer test  himself.  The lad, a Miami Univeristy of Ohio student, was busted early Saturday morning after the nabs stopped him for driving the wrong direction on a one way street and driving at an unsafe speed without headlights.  After failing every field sobriety test, the police ransacked his car and found several cases of beer in the front and back seats, and several more cases in the trunk, along with some porn magazines and empty McDonald’s bags. (

Police said the suspect blew 0.158 percent on a Breathalyzer test roughly twice the amount specified by law. The legal limit in Ohio for driving is a blood-alcohol level of .08.    He was arraigned on charges of driving a vehicle while intoxicated, underage consumption, underage possession of alcohol, open container in a motor vehicle, a fake ID, and a violaton for driving up the wrong way on a one-way street.  The man  had no comment on the charges when reached at home today.  He did give a statement and said that he wanted to be left the hell alone because he had to steady for a drug test.  Is there a costume for that?


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