The Daily Habit: Health

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5 Habits That are Hard as Hell to Break – AMERICA – Isn’t life after college grand, that is if you’re doing things right.  You have it all down to a science at this point in the game, but then again you’ve always had the edge.  Went off to  at some far-off school out in the middle of nowhere, pushed through slowly on the 6 year plan while mom and dad footed the bill, did little or nothing all day long, and basically hit hit every fraternity party and pot dealer along the way.  After graduation you lucked out and got a job that paid handsomely, even though you didn’t deserve it. Now, some 10 years later, you’ve got it made in the shade, but you have a bad habit or two. You’re single and you make some serious quid, but you’re a total fat ass who is still partying his ass off 6 nights a week with the recent college grades who live downstairs.  You have no cartlidge left in your nose, you have a river of live and your heart is the size of a bowling ball.  Sounds fun, but if this is the case, you better break these habits immediately or you’ll be lugging around a tank of oxygen faster than you can crack two boxes of whip-its.

1. Not Stealing from sleep-  You won’t be sleeping after inhaling that 8 ball in the men’s room at Applebees during happy hour.

2.  Don’t skip breakfast-  Why should you?  There’s nothing better than a dozen eggs and a pound of bacon before you head off to work at the coal mine.

3.  Not blowing off exercise- One lap around the track and you’ll wake up 20 minutes later in an ambulance strapped to a pair of jumper cables.

4.  Late night gorging-  A bucket of hot hot wings and a 12 pack before bed does it every time.

5.  Counting your beverages- 24 is the limit, at least if you’re driving. (

Oh, you know the rest.  You keep telling yourself and others that you’re as fit as a fiddle and that you’ve never felt better, but in reality your tuba is fat as an ox and you feel like shit.  After this gets old you realize, eventually, that every day of your life spent partying like a rock star takes you farther from your ultimate goal of living a fulfilling, healthy life. So, if you want to live a while longer, or at least long enough to see your feet for the first time since little league, get on the health tip and kick those rotten habits. If you’re cool with the fat gut and don’t mind being a glutton for drug and boozed induced punishment, stick to that plan and don’t stray away under any circumstances.  After all, what good is a habit unless it’s a bad one?


~ by the115 on 11/03/2009.

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