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A motorized La-Z-Boy chair driven by Dennis Anderson of Proctor was operating 11:59 pm

I Drove My Motorized La-Z-Boy Home Drunk and You Nab me for DUI? – DULUTH, MINNESOTA-  Geezus, the things that people will do to curb their jones for driving like a maniac.  Whether it’s buying a $75,000 porchse that does 175mph, or yanking that VW Rabbit out of the junk yard and tuning to do 150 mph, it’s a test between man and machine.  You buy it, you jam in horsepower, then you drive that sonofabitch into the ground.  But driving a motorized piece of living furnitture home from the bar and getting busted for it?  Is that even legal?  It is now, at least in Minnesota.

Constabulary forces  in Duluth, Minnesota say a man has found guilty of drunken driving after smashing up his prized motorized La-Z-Boy recliner. Yes, your dad’s favorite lounge chair, only with wheels  and it goes piss your pants fast.  Police responded to a report of a drunk man who smashed into a parked car last August 8 at 3 am.  After they arrived and found the man laying passed out on the road, it took them a few seconds to figure out he wrecked a reclining chair  powered by a suped up lawn mower engine complete with a radio and cup holders.

The offender, a 62 year old man with a long list of traffic violations, was finally sentenced after waiting 1.5  years for a fair trial after the insanity plea was tossed out.  After deliberating the statutes for driving a machine while intoxitcated, a judg charged him with operating a vehicle while intoxicated.  According to plice statements, the man said he “slammed 15 beers and didn’t have get out of his chair once.”  He also proudly bragged that his “bad-ass La-Z-Boycould go up to 38 mph, and that’s on cheap gas.  On the good stuff it can go around 40 with no problem.”   (

Prosecutors say his blood alcohol content was 0.29, more than three times the legal limit, when he crashed into a parked vehicle that sustained more than $150o damage.  Aside from restitution for the damaged vehicle the judge handed out a 180 days of suspended jail time, ordered two years of probation, 6 months of pyschological counseling and forbade the man to put a motor on any kind of furniture for 5 years.  Why ruin a perfectly good recliner after drinking a case of beer when you can just climb into a car and smash it into a parked car?


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