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I Drove the Truck while my Mom Sold the Smack – GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS –  There is nothing in this world that compares to the love a mother has for her son, and vice versa.  Some say it’s genetic, others say it’s a mother’s instinct, but either way it’s one hell of a bond.  Take for instance when the boy was in little league.  Mama was always there cheering him on and she washed his uniform after every game.  Same goes when the little genius was valedictorian.  Mom was in the front row gushing like a school girl and she even baked a special cake shaped like a graduation cap, tassel and all.  But what happened when junior turned out to be a junkie?  Was mama there  there to fix him up?  Yep, and they both made some fast cash on the ride over, until things got ugly.

A Boston junkie was arrested for forcing her 23 year old son to drive the delivery car while she bought and sold heroin and other drugs around Gloucester and neighboring towns. Apparently the woman had been advertising the drug delivery service on Craigslist for the past year and has offered for sale pot, cocaine, mushrooms, heroin, opium and a vareity of prescription pills.   Both mother and son were arrested when the lad got so stoned off some marijuana that he nodded off behind the wheel and drifted into a hot dog cart where two city cops just happened to be having lunch. (

Momma smack plead guilty to charges of possession and distributing heroin, and possession of a controlled substance.  Her son was charged with knowing where heroin was kept, driving while intoxicated, running a red light and conspiracy to deliver narcotics.  After the wreck the son was pinned by the wheel but moms was able to escape and run home.  When Police arrived said they found her flushing a large quantity of drugs down the toilet and ended up recovering 10 individually packaged bags of dope worth some $1500 in her bedroom.  Too bad they got busted.  They’re about the only place in Gloucester other than Dominoes that guarantees delivery in 30 minutes or less.


~ by the115 on 10/30/2009.

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