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Prince Philip in Indian name gaffe: report 11:59 pm

Nice Phillip Nice -LONDON –  Unless you’ve been living under the thumb of a Communist regime your whole life, you probably know some politically incorrect baffoon who thinks culture has something to do with a good hunk of mozzarella cheese.  You know the paizon in question.  That mental invalid who makes it a point to be a wiseass every minute of the day.  He’s that guy who thinks Jewish people in America are no good, bank-owning shylocks and finds it funny to infer that they are  misers with their money.  Same goes with hombres from south of the Border.  In this ignoramus’ mind all Mexicans own a chain of Mexican restaurants, and they all do their own landscaping, cheap.  Well, it isn’t much different for a monarch who thinks all Indians are from India, and  that most of them are related.

Queen Elizabeth’s II main squeeze Prince Philip has made an ass of himself again when he busted the balls of an Indian dignitary.  During a reception at Buckingham Palace for some 400 influential British Indians,  Prince Phil greeted Atul Patel by glancing at his name tag and saying: “There’s a lot of your family sucking up the free booze here guvnah.”  In case you’re cultually illiterate like most of America, the comment was a crack that all Patels are related, kind of like how paizons are paizons and gumbas are gumbas. Patel is a common Indian surname, like Smith or Jones, and there are a hell of a lot of them opening Circle Ks in England. (

Patel, who is  CEO of a prominent government funded housing association, said he thought nothing of the remark because he is not related to any of the Patels in England, and because Prince Philip could have him shackled and beheaded behind closed doors at BuckhinghamPalace.   Despite England’s post-colonial attempt to destroy Indian culture, Patel will this week join the Queen Mother to celebrate the baton relay for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, only the Prince won’t tag along because he’ll just end up making another funny.

The 88-year-old prince is well known for inappropriate touching of the female staff and for uncouth remarks, along with enjoying a bottle of cheap whiskey and a good lot of fish and chips.  His more memorable quips as of late:

1. “I say old chap.  Still throwing spears in the Outback?” (a question to an Australian Aborigine during a land seizure deal in Tazmania).

2. “You managed not to get eaten by Pygmies then, Bilbo?” (to an Irish midget who had been trekking in Papua New Guinea).

3. “Buy those fake diamonds in Israel my good woman?” (to a Jewish princess walking six poodles on Park Avenue).

4. “How’s the washer business fairing Chin?” (said to Kim Jong Il during an after party for a nuclear treaty discussion).

5. “Where’d you park that bloody camel Habib?” (said to the Sultan of Tehran during a tennis match at Wimbledon).


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