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I Got A DUI And So Did My Friend – LAYFAYETTE, NEW YORK –  Do you have one of those life-long best friends who would do anything for you?  You know, that buddy that you’ve known since he was blowing his nose on his sleeve in kindergarten.  This guy has been there through thick and thin and no matter what he’ll always bail your ass out of a jam.  Like that one time when you hooked up with the hottest chick on the planet (before she divorced you) and he got stuck with her fat friend who ended up giving him the drips.  Or that other time when you were getting arrested for toking it up in the parking lot at Denny’s then he ran and up punched the cop in the face so you could run away.  Best pals forever, right?  Yep.  Just like this chick and her fun drunk, coked-up friend.

A New York woman was nabbed for aggravated driving while intoxicated and possession of a controlled substance after she staggered into a state police barracks to give a ride to her best friend who had been arrested for a DUI earier that evening. The arresting officer who stun gunned the woman said she had a blood alcohol level of .20 percent, more than half the legal amount, when she arrived at the station. When she was told her friend wouldn’t be arraigned until the next day and had to stay the night she became so beligerent that she had to be tazered twice, just so the cuffs could be slapped on. (

Her friend isn’t in much better shape.  She was stopped for speeding earlier in the day and charged with DWI and criminal possession of cocaine after resisting arrest and telling the cops to mind their own damn business.  Both women will be tried together once the inestigation is completed, but there shouldnt’ be too much to investigate.  They were both busted for drunk driving and possession of coke, only the cops killed two birds with one stone.  Got to give the second broad kudos though.  She was loaded but still hopped in the car to pick up her friend when she was in need, coke, booze and all.  It’s like they say, birds of a feather stick together, even in a DUI turned drug bust.



~ by the115 on 10/21/2009.

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