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For the 15th Time Already, Yes, You’re Wasted- GERMANY AND SWITZERLAND – You ever know anyone who was so goddamn stubborn that you had to tell them things over and over again?  But, no matter how many times you got blue in the face trying to explain their erroneous ways, they just didn’t listen.  You had that one buddy who had to be told 100 times not to play with those numchucks until he whacked himself in the mouth and chipped all of his front teeth.  There was also that dumbass who had to be reminded at least 50 times not to tease the neighbor’s pitbull, until it broke it’s leash and bit off half of his foot.  Then there’s this guy.   The police try to pull him on over 15 times, but he was so wasted he just kept on trucking.

A heavily inebriated Italian man took reckless driving to new heights over the weekend when he led Swiss police on a high speed chase after refusing to pull over for speeding.   He was first spotted driving his Fiat at 120 miles an hour  in a 6o miles per hour zone.  After weaving in and out of steady traffic in three lanes he then ignored police attempts to pull him over and kept on driving like a maniac.  Apparently he was traveling from Germany to Switzerland where he was to rendezous with his new sweatheart.  He figured if worse comes to worse, he could make a run for and ask for political asylum when he got there (Boy was he wrong.  Look at what they just did to Palanski). {}

Near the end the chase speed racer cruised through a construction zone doing 97, nearly twice the speed limit, before being stopped by Swedish spike strips dropped from a helicopter.  He was kicked, cuffed, and had his driver’s license, yanked for being a wise ass, though he passed out before he could get out of the car.  The presiding judge ordered him tested for prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and alcohol, then off to rehad for a month.  According to police statements, the man racked up 15 traffic violations in 11 minutes because he was late for a date with the Pierogi girl at the bull fights who puts out on the first date.  He was nervous about meeting her so he threw down some pills and slammed them down with few drinks, just to calm his nerves.   Too bad it didn’t work.


~ by the115 on 10/20/2009.

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