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Irie Mon. I’m a Bounty Killer but You Nabbed Me for Weed – NEW KINGSTON, JAMAICA – Do you have on of those sketchy jobs that requires a certain amount of risk taking in order to earn the pay?  You know, the kind of jobs that appear perfectly legit to outsiders who don’t know you, but not to nosey neighbors who have a good idea something is up?  Yeah, kind of like a bookies.  They take bets, collect money, and everybody at the Sons of Italy knows them, but those same freaking people are surprised as hell when Carmine”Numbers” Ragu gets busted with a bag full of money and slips with numbers on them.  Same thing goes for small-time muscle for hire.  A guy who make sure you ex’s new boyfriend suddenly disapears for a few hundred bucks and your mother couldn’t get over “Why Locko Bracich would punch your old girlfriend’s date 3 times in the face while you filmed it your phone?”  Unfortunately it wasn’t quite the same for this Reggae singer.  Nobody really care when he got nabbed for weed.

Jamaican rapper and all around rude boy Bounty Killer is in trouble with the Jamaican police again.  Authorities recenlty busted him with possession of a large amount of marijuna after a traffic stop in New Kingston.  Apparently B.K. and his entourage had a giant joint sticking out of the sunroof of they Mercedes they were riding in and the second hand smoke heavily intoxicated a bike cop who was behind the car at a stop light.  The cop caught a contact buzz and wrecked his bike, but not before he called in to the station for backup.  (

The rapper, whose government name is Rodney Price,  is being prosecuted on prior chargesof illegal possession of a firearm, unlawful wounding with a firearm,  and assault when he whipped a fan’s ass for jumping up on stage during a concernt.  A court appearance is scheduled for some time next month, but it will most likely be a fine the size of a parking ticket.  A rapper getting nabbed for a bag of weed in Jamaica is like a drunk getting a ticket for open container in Times Square:  Everybody does it and nobody really cares.  Irie, mon, Irie.  Help Wanted: Reggae singer.  Good pay, great weed, and excellent lawyer provided.



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