The Daily Habit: Psychology

Donald Earl Fite III is shown in this booking photo provided by the Multnomah 11:59 pm

I Shishkabobbed my Ex’s Pet  Fish and You Give me 2 Years Probation? – PORTLAND, OREGON There’s no doubt about it…. there is definitely a psycho born every minute, then they grow up to fulfill their destiny of being a Charles Manson follower.  It could be genetics, maybe mom and dad smoked a few too many joints, or just a plain old  screwed up family that drives a person goofy.  When they do something off the wall, it’s often overlooked because those who are doing the head turning don’t want to deal with the embarrassment.  Johnny drives by his ex’s house 50 times a day, after she told him to beat it.  Jeffrey calls a hundred times a day, then hangs up and laughs his ass off.  But Donnie breaks into his ex’s house to shiskabob some fish?  Yep, he’s got some issues that will soon be resolved the hard way.

An Oregon man who broke into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and impaled her pet fish with a barbeque skewer was sentenced to two years probation, a psychological evaluation and community service at a local pet store. Donald Earl Fite III pleaded guilty Tuesday to animal abuse, breaking and entering, possession of instruments for shishkabobbing, and domestic violence assault.   Apparently the woman had broken up with Fite in his aparment but later that day she came home and found him laying nakde in her her bed masturbating into a sock.  When she tried to call the police, Fite shoved her against a wall. and tossed her in the bathtub to cool off. (

The woman managed to run away and find a cop only to return and find her fish dead on the wood floor with a metal rod through it.   When he was tracked down Mr. Fishkabob said “If she can’t have me, then she can’t have the freaking fish. I should have just grilled him to get rid of the evidence. ”   The unlucky pet owner plans to get a memorial tattoo of the fish and wanted Fite to pay for it, but he said hell no because he had already paid for enough stuf and didn’t get a freaking thing in return.   The judge declined to make Fite pay restitution for the fish, but he did order him to stay away from his ex, though he said he could have contact with other fish, as long as it’s in a restaurant.


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