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I’m a not an Asshole Cop but I Stun Gunned my Brother – CONWAY, ARKANSAS You ever have a friend in high school who become a cop the day after graduation, then he turned into a total nazi with a badge?  You know this guy. He’s the one who go you into nunchuks and soldier of fortune magazine in middle school, then heavy metal, lifting weights, and snorting crank later on in high school He was this big, strong, crazy dude who partied super hard and broke the law when he could, but deep down inside he wanted to be a goddamn cop?  Yes, you know him, because he’s your asshole brother, and he’s got a gun too.

A cop who responded to an ass-whipping at private club in hickville Arkansas ending up having to stun gun his own brother, also a cop, because he was being a tough guy for the ladies after a night of drinking.  The officer was nabbed for charges of disorderly conduct and public intoxication.  After arriving on the scene after midnight Wednesday morning, officer A watched his brother, officer B, resisting arrest. Thinking it would be funny to teach his brother a lesson about drinking on the job, cop A tazered cop B and dropped him to the ground in front of the whole crowd.

The arresting cop said of his brother, “He was drunk, as usual, and trying to chase some tail, but he doesn’t like to play nice.  By the time I got there he was fighting with another officer and when I approached he raised up his fists as if he was ready to fight.  I pointed my Taser at him and begged him to come to his senses:  please don’t make me Tase you little brother. I haven’t had to whip your ass since high school but if you don’t stop fussing around I’m going to castrate you with this here tazer.”  (

But, little brother was blind sticking drunk  and continued to be a dumbass so he was tasered by his brother, handcuffed, then taken to taken to the countly lock-up for 12-hour detox and pressure wash to clean up the urine and vomit on his pants.  When he woke up the next day he was sent to court where he was ordered to pay a fine of $50 and an undisclosed number of community service hours.  He was aslo suspended without pay from the force for a week and had to act as the attack dog dummy at a rape self-defense class filled with angry women.


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