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I Called the Cops Cause Somebody Stole my Weed – BRANT TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN – Let’s face it folks.  There are a bunch of stupid people running around America and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.  Yeah, you can fire dummies, fail dummies, and abuse them all day long, but it won’t do much good because at the end of the day they will still be dumb.  You call an auto parts store and order spark plugs for a Nissan and the dimwhit who answered the phone sends you freon for a Dodge Neon.  You tell the deaf teller at the bank to put 3 fiddy in checking and five fiddy in savings and she ends up putting $8.50 in both accounts, then gives you the rest in nickles. Yes, those two are definitely morons, but not quite as braindead as this stoned old broad.  She called and reported a robbery,but ended up getting busted for growing weed.

A 54-year-old Michigan woman was arrested Sunday after calling to reporta robbery from her home, but they didn’t steal money or jewels, just a large quanitity of her home-grown marijuana.  Apparently two men kicked in the front door of her home and tole all of 30 of her pot plants.  Once police arrived the woman told them that two men fled after they broke in and robber her:  one took 20 or 30 of her marijuana plants and the other one stole her finest cultivated stash. ( ttp:// h

This not-so-clever green thumb was booked on charges of manufacturing and delivery of marijuana, and possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.  She claimed the drug was for personal use but didn’t possess a medical marijuana card to buy medicinal marijuana or one to grow it.  The D.A. will press charges pending test results on the marijuana they did confiscate which totaled more than 5 pounds.  For a non-smoker, she sure did have a lot of ganja, and it was of the highest quality.  Mabye she wasn’t that stupid at all, just baked silly.


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