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NKorea fires five short-range missiles: official 11:59 pm

Let’s Bomb North Korea – USA – Remember when you were a kid, there was always that mouthy little guy with a Napolean Complex who just thought he was some kind of bad ass?  He walked about running his loud mouth and telling everyone how tough he was, yet in all reality he was a punk who couldn’t beat off, and he sure as hell couldn’t beat anyone up.  In a situation like this, when the guy kept running his mouth, what did you do to call his bluff?  Talk things over, make threats, or just run up to him one day and kick him in the nads as hard as you could, just so he’d shut the hell up?  If you said yes, then just what the hell do you propose we do to that stroke victim Kim Jong Il who’s  trying to run the world from little old North Korea?  Don’t know?  Let’s say screw diplomacy and just blow that maniac up.

North Korean madman KJI just might be preparing to launch more short-range missiles on Koreas west coast only 24 hours after the North Korean Army fired the first round of missiles on the east coast, though as usual they were cheaply made duds.  The launches signaled to the outside world that North Korea might return to talks on ending its nuclear arms program, but if that’s the case why the hell did they fire them in the first place, that is if they want everyone to take them seriously.  The North Korean goverment issued a warning for foreign ships to stay out of waters off its coasts, and that really pissed of the Japanese who said, “There have been indications that the North is getting ready to fire short-range missiles from the west coast. If they do. we may decide to blow up a nuclear power plant or two, or maybe cut off their supply of power and computer assisted technology. If that doesn’t work we’ll call in Godzilla to wipe the whole goddamn country out.” (

Though there have been some agreements between North Korea and bitter enemy South Korea, like working on environmental projects, not much will come of any agreement, not as long as that maniac Kim Jong “don’t you” Il is alive and kicking.  He’s basically the force behind the paltry missile tests and likes to show off government sponsored fireworks when the rest of the world is ignoring him.   Analysts have completely downplayed KJI’s tough guy talk, and his weak missile launches, saying they will never be taken seriously during upcoming talks.  The fact is North Korea is a Communist regime where the government uses strong arm tactics to muscle around it’s people.  They have no money, no military, and without China protecting their financial interests, no friends on the block to bully people around with.  So, the next time North Korea spouts off their tough guy talk, let’s forego the diatribic rhetor and just blow them up.


~ by the115 on 10/12/2009.

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