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Quit Clowing Around and Just Rob the Damn Bank – MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – Remember the good old days when it took pure,hard minerals to rob a bank?  None of this fancy schmancy stuff of planning the whole thing out for months using the latest technology.  Back then it was walk in the bank with a stocking over your head, wave a 38 special around, demand some money in the sack, maybe, just maybe you kicked the security guard in the junk, then run the hell out.  That has American badass written all over it.  Too bad these fools from Mexico couldn’t follow suit when pulling a heist.  They just had to be funny guys, but the last laugh is on them.

Charges were filed against two alleged members of a Mexican gang of thieves blamed for a “clown jewels” robbery last month. The gang, all of whom dressed up in clown costumes and Joker make-up, ran into a jewelry store, knocked out the salesman with a rubber club, and made off with nearly $1 dollars in jewelry and cash.  After a few yuk yuk jokes the clowns ran out of the doorn and jammed into a tiny clown car that sped off in a puff of smoke.  An  hour later the tiny car and clown costumes were found some 40 miles outside of the city, but the clowns were nowhere to be found

As of Friday, two of six clowns have been caught and charged while a third has been detained by police.  One of the two in custody confessed to the crime and ratted out the other two for the hell of it.  He said life in the circus wasn’t all that fun for he and the other two clowns so they decided to run away and go on a crime spree.  To date they knocked over a bank and two bodegas in Zappatos, three burrito stands in Tijuana, and a weed dealer in Oxoaca who had some pretty good stuff.  After they robbed him they got stoned and sat around laughing at each other’s costumes.  Each is facing 3-5 years in clown prison, but there won’t anything funny about getting butt plugged in there. 


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