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Winners of the Miss Plastic Hungary beauty pageant, queen Reka Urban, center,

The Miss Poland Plastic  Surgery Pageant – BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – Around the world there are so many beautiful women, and once a year they all get together to participate in various beauty contests of global acclaim.  There such prestigious contests as Miss Universe, Miss America, and Miss Europe. In all three a set list of criteria must be met in order to win points in each area.  The girls paint on swimsuits and model, they do television commentary on the pageant, and of course there’s the degrading talent contest that most everybody screws up.  Those are all standard faire, except for this one.  It’s a contest to see who has the most fake parts, and there is no talent necessary.

In a recent beauty contest staged in Budapest, contestants showed off boob implants, nose job,  ass lifts and fupa tucks as Miss Poland Plastic Surgery 2009 was created to promote the benefits of plastic surgery for women who need a little help getting laid now and again.  To qualify, the 18 Hungarian women had to prove they’d gone fully under the knife, no Botox or collagen shots, and they had to be willing to go all the way with at least two judges.   All the ladies sported huge fake boobs with huge fake asses and reshaped noses.  One finalist had surgically adjusted toes because her’s were ridiculously huge at birth.  (

One of the feature plastic surgeons, with three girls in the contest, said the pageant also meant to show that cosmetic corrections did not necessarily have to be about “oversized boobs, skin flute playing lips and skin stretched so tight it cuts off circulation to the brain, well at least for those blondes up there who have one.”   The andidates were at least 16 years old and included a former stripper, a pot dealer married to a cop, a grandmother of 2 and several hookers. There was a special category for women over 30, but most of them had lazer surgery to get rid of their stretchmarks. and saggy fun bags.


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