The Daily Habit: Education

 11:59 pm

I may be a Dog but I Bought an M.B.A. Online – INTERNET – Nowadays, with the advent of computer related technology, just about anyone can get just about anything online, regarldess of availability and price.  This pretty much means that with a computer and a credit card, anyone can buy whatever the hell they want, whenever they please.  Yes, this includes that Vietnam era rocket launcher sold on for only $150 plus shipping, that dirt cheap man-servant from Bangkok found on, and that kick ass set of $12 nunchucks on Ebay.  It doesn’t stop there though, and you don’t really have to be that smart to do it.  For the record, there are a plethora of online paper mills that are offering a wide range of cheap ass college diplomas, even for those of the canine variety., an online-learning consumer group out to get those for-profit online colleges that don’t teach spit, managed to buy a fairly phoney sounding online M.B.A. for its mascot, a funny looking pooch named Chester Ludlow.  No, seriously.  This place sold a dog an online M.B.A., and they were totally serious about it.  Chester, a goofy looking Pug, earned his tassles by pawing over $500 to Rochville University, a e-store front diploma mill which offers “distance learning degrees based on life and career experience, even if you’re a loser with no life and no experience doing anything whatsoever.”  (

Once the folks at GetEducated sent off Chester’s check, they received a package in return from a post-office box in Dubai that contained a fake-ass diploma and fake-ass transcripts, plus a certificate of distinction in Pet Finance and Insurnace, and a complimentary certificate that named Chester as the vice president of student govermnet.  The folks at GetEducated  believesChester is the first dog to get a diploma for life experience, not so much for his grades at obedience school.  But his bow-wow M.B.A. isn’t the first canine college degree by any stretch.  Several other schools, now all defunct, had the balls to give a dog a degree but the federal government shut them down.  Looks like the idiots at Rochelle who sold this mutt an M.B.A. are pretty much next on the Federal hit list.  If they aren’t they will be soon.


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