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I Live in Wisconsin So I had to Have my Opium Sent in the Mail – MANITOWAC, WISCONSIN Okay, guys.  Remember when you were a kid and things were different, at least when it came to buying stuff?   There was none of this Ebay crap or online shopping at your leisure.  You either got dragged to the store by your mom, who was never in the mood for your “I want this” and “I want that” nonsense, or you ordered things through the mail.  First it was that ace Charles Atlas weightlifting program that showed you how to kick a bully’s ass at the beach, only it never worked all that good.  Then it was the totally awesome package of sea monkeys from the Far East, yet they ended up being made of rubber.  Well, nowadays it’s not much different, eat least for these Chinese ladies.  They live out in the middle of nowhere, but the US mail still delivered their stuff from home, and a warrant for their arrest.

Two Chinese women accused of receiving opium through the mail were busted for a variety of crimes by federal officials in Manitowoc County, a rural area with only one mail carrier (who must have known what opium smelled like).  Both ladies were charged with felonious possession of a controlled substsance and using the US mail to transport a banned drug.    The women were arrested after the mailman noticed an odd but pleasing smell omitting from a box addressed to house.  Once he realized what that smell was, obviously black tar opium, he called in the drug-sniffing dogs who immediately ran to the package bound for the women’s clandestine opium den they were running out of their house. (

According to police reports, one of the gals signed for the package  after being called to the post offfice.  She took it to her own home unaware she was on the Fed’s candid camera. Later that day investigators executed a search warrant there and found the package, which contained about 11 pounds of twigs soaked with opium.  No further details were given, and phone numbers for both were unlisted.  The question is who the hell lists a phone number for an underground opium den ran by two Chinese women in rural Wisconsin?  Better yet, what good is 11 pounds of  sticks soaked in Afghanistan Mud and sent in the US mail?  Answer: Find a mailman, build a fire, and enjoy the smoke.  The answer to both questions will be revealed in your dreams. 



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