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I Ate a Fried Goldfish Sandwich and Damn it was Good – PASADENA, TEXAS -Fellas, have you ever had the opportunity to dump a totally psycho chick who doesn’t just get mad; she gets even too?  You know the ones.  Hell, we all do because they’re all pretty much the same.  They drive by the house every night at 4 a.m. blowing the goddamn horn like there’s no tomorrow, or maybe they’ll call the house a few hundred times a day, then hang up for the hell of it.  There’s also the ones that have the family pet for dinner, literally.

A woman who was lovesick over a recent separation with here enstranged boyfriend decided to get even so she fried their pet goldfish and made a sandwhich out of them.  In most cases breaking and entering and cruelty to aninmals would be bound to criminal court but oddly enough this was judged a civil matter and no charges were filed. The goldfish were purchased together by the couple about a year ago, before the husband left and moved in with a 19 year old stripper he met at the swap meet.  They are engaged to be married in Vegas later this year, at the National Stripper Convention. (

Police that the woman broke into her ex’s apartment and took the goldfish, as a joke,  and was going to hold them ransom so she could try to get him back to her apartment alone.  The couple argued earlier in the day but the woman wanted the last word so she went over to steal the fish.  Once back home, the boyfriend noticed that the fish and  some cds weremissing so he filed a report and blamed his psycho ex-girlfriend.  Officers had reports on the woman before so they were to her  house and kicked in the door.  When they got in they found the cds, a large quantity of prozac and four fried goldfish on a plate. The woman said she already ate the other three in a sandwhich with some lettuce and tartar sauce and had plans to eat another sandwhich before the cops busted in.  Bon appetite.



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