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An instructor aims his pistol during a shooting practice at the Academia Carioca de Tiro in Mesquita near Rio de Janeiro 11:59 pm

Oi Bitch, Hold Me Shooter Please – LONDON – Geezus.  Things must be really going to hell in a handbasket of fish and chips in jolly old England where being a gangster girl is in fashion.  With today’s go-go babies it’s all about a night on the town drinking pints at the disco and smoking a pack of fags, then it’s play time with their blokes.  They party hard to the wee hours, then it’s off to the flat for some fun, but not before they are suckered in to stashing a weapon in their bloomers before a drunk cab ride home.

A campaign warning girls not to  carry guns for their boyfriends was launched by London police Wednesday. The hard-hitting billboard and cinema ads are designed to squash the large numbers of foolish girls being arrested and sent to the slam for possession of illegal firearms.   The campaing, which has the strap line “Hide his sausuage and you’ll feel fine, carry his shooter and you’re an accessory to crime,” will run on every billboard and in every movie house in London for the next month.

According to the head of the Metropolitan Police unit that investigates gang shootings,  “Those who stash and carry guns for others are partly responsible for the crimes committed with those weapons. The consequences for them, their families ain’t bleeding worth it.  So, if that bloody bastard you’re with tries to force a pistol on you don’t be a gangster me pretty, kick him in the giblets and make haste to the nearest bobbie who will take fantastic pleasure in beating that geezer with his billy.”  (

The superintendent noted that 112 women have been arrested for possessing a gun so far this year and all were under the age of 20.  He believes that many of these vulnerable young women run with the wrong crowds and in order to look cool willingly carry and stash guns in order to fit it, even if it means breaking laws that are punishable by lengthy prison sentences.  He also wondered what happened to the good old days when a girl kept her man happy with a bloody pint or two at the pub and a smashing good handwanker on the cab ride home. 


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