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Pity the Poor Pirates but Screw Bob Nuttings- PITTSBURGH – Once again the moron who owns the Pittsburgh Pirates flucked up big time and he didn’t even wait until the season was over to do it.  No, he didn’t make another idiotic move by trading away a player with any semblence of talent.  No, he didn’t sign a no-namer from the independent leagues to bat cleanup on a team filled with other no-names.  Yes, he did pay cash for a super nice baseball academy in the Dominica Republic, but his miserly ways drove away the best prospect to never come the Pirates’ way.

As usual, team owner Bob Nuttings totally blew it yesterday when he jewed out on top Dominican prospect Miguel Angel Sano, who instead agreed to terms with the Minnesota Twins on a fat contract and $3 milli in the bank to sign his name.  The truly sad part is that the Buccos had this prized fish on the hooks for months, until G.M. Neal Huntington choked on the deal.  Apparently he isn’t the only one to blame though, not when  penny-pinching Nuttings balked on upping the ante a few more hundred thousand. 

It was no secret that Sano is perhaps the greatest prospect to come from the D.R., and the entire decision making component of the Pirate franchise was well aware of this, most notably their Latin American scout Gene Rayo who declared Sano the best he had ever seen.  But, because Huntington made the only offer to Sano, $2 million in July, he felt that giving any more would have been fruitless;  why pay more if other teams aren’t interested?  Wrong Neal.  All wrong, jackass. 

In defense of his stupidity, Huntington told the bewildered Pittsburgh media that, “Miguel Sano has apparently agreed to terms with another organization without his agent engaging the Pirates in legitimate negotiations, even after his agent told us to give him some breathing room to sort things out, after the initial offer was made.  While we are disappointed in the process and outcome, we wish Miguel nothing but success in his future.  Sadly enough we are the laughing stock of professional sports because our owner is a jewbag with lots of money he refuses to spend, and he has absolutely no taste in clothes whatsoever.” (

There you have it Bobby.  Your own G.M. called you out in the media and said you’re a  cheap prick who’d rather give money to some weird church group instead of your professional baseball team.  First you totally ruined things at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, and now it’s Pittsburgh’s beloved Pirates.  Get it through your head Jesus freak.  You’re the laughing stock of the sports world and though you made a cool $25 million this year due to your penchant for penny pinching, those profits wil be nothing in the next year or so when every fan in the Burgh turns their back on you and the rest of the pathetic owner’s group.  Get your head out of your ass, drop those  bibles, then pull a few million out of your pocket and give it to the team.  Right now God is pointing the almighty #1 foam finger at you from heaven for being the biggest loser in baseball.  Let’s Go Bucs.



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